The Guardian Unmanned Helicopter

The American made Guardian flies and maneuvers autonomously. It can be stored in a Humwee. Two operators launch the Guardian in 20 minutes and control the payload. Operators can be trained in two-three day periods to control and maintain the American Unmanned Systems' Guardian.

Guardian provides dynamic re-tasking and auto routing, Auto takeoff and landing. Guardian has an easy-to-use ground control station with 2D/3D flight planning features and moving map displays.

Digitally-controlled electric-tail Rotor/Starter/Generator

Guardian is very light-weight - Total weight 350 lbs

Payload nose, max 50 lbs, is detachable and can be exchanged in less than 5 minutes for different mission payloads for various missions including search and rescue, forest fire fighting, reconnaissance, and surveillance.

Mission endurance up to 5 hours
Length: 114 inches
Height: 47 inches
Rotor: 129 inches In diameter
Weight: 350 pounds
Mission Payload: Interchangeable nose 35 - 50 lbs
Engine: 42 HP, heavy-fuel using JP8, JP 5, 4
Mission Endurance: 5 hours
Max Speed: 100 knots
Navigation: Autonomous, waypoint nav, GPS Differential

Made in America by American Unmanned Systems

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The Guardian Unmanned Helicopter in flight The Guardian dimensions The unmanned helicopter Guardian supports realtime surveillance. The Guardian Operational and mission training is provided by the Guardian simulator